About NAU

College Graduates

In-Demand Degree Programs and Experienced Faculty
National American University (NAU) offers the degree programs that today’s industries are most demanding. NAU is committed to preparing you for a rewarding career directly out of college. We do that by implementing highly qualified instructors who have actively worked in the fields in which they teach, offering you their “real-world experience”; perspective. Another example of our commitment to your career education is our use of program advisory boards. These key individuals make recommendations to the existing programs, ensuring the material we teach stays current and up-to-date. We realize that our programs need to continually evolve as industry changes.

Dedicated to Your Success
Our staff is devoted to helping you balance your education with your personal and professional commitments. NAU will be with you every step of the way —it’s a key part of our personal relationship with you. From the moment you contact us, you will be personally guided through the admissions and financing process, and provided academic advising assistance throughout your college career to ensure a timely graduation. We are there to help you find ways to make life work outside of the classroom so you can focus on your success inside the classroom.

Flexible Scheduling
We understand the needs of the adult learner. Most of our students are juggling their time between school, work and family. That is why we offer on-site day, evening and weekend classes, as well as completely online degree programs. For even greater scheduling flexibility, we offer a blended model of learning that incorporates on-campus classes with online classes. This allows you the face-to-face support that locations offer, while still providing the convenience of taking classes online. In addition to the online campus, we have locations in seven different states, so you can choose the location that fits your schedule and lifestyle.

Excellent Degree Completion Options
You may be able to finish your degree in less time than you think! With year-round classes and multiple start dates, you have the ability to move through your degree program faster than you can at a traditional school. Not only that, NAU offers an inverted curriculum. This unique format lets you get started in your major your first year so you don’t have to wait the typical two years to get immersed in your major. You can find out right away if you have chosen the degree program that suits you the best. We also offer personalized transcript evaluations. What does this mean to you? Your prior coursework and specialized, professional, vocational or military training could turn into college credit, saving you time and money.

NAU Worldwide
When you become a student at NAU, you not only join a community of students throughout the United States, but around the world. NAU has affiliate partnerships with academic entities in many countries such as Bolivia, Greece, India, Japan, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, and the Czech Republic, just to name a few.

Career Services
NAU wants to ensure that you are ready for the job market when you graduate. We do this by providing you a career management class that will assist you in preparing your resume and portfolio and developing job interview and job search techniques. This class also provides you with networking strategies. Plus, our staff will help you to seek out employment opportunities that fit your individual needs before you graduate. We know we offer employers something that is highly sought after, graduates who have classroom and real-world training in their fields. As a graduate, you will be prepared to make immediate contributions in your chosen career.